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Bob Hicks, New Jersey
Unread 02-24-2012, 1:34 PM   #91
ACA Members
hicks_fish is offline
Usergroup: ACA Members
Real Name: Bob Hicks
Join Date: Feb 2012
Location: Northern New Jersey
Last Activity: 09-19-2014 10:12 AM
Posts: 23
Bob Hicks, New Jersey

1. Bob Hicks, North New Jersey
2. 50+ (mostly small) tanks, wide variety of fish
3. New member, but have been planning to join for a while
4. I'd love to see some closer partnerships or joint programs between the national and local level clubs. For just one example, maybe a national level BAP recognition program that's administered by the local club BAP.
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Unread 02-24-2012, 4:06 PM   #92
paddysdaddy is offline
Usergroup: ACA BOT
ACA Members
Real Name: Scott Jackson
Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: Central Kentucky
Last Activity: 07-14-2014 3:12 PM
Posts: 237
Blog Entries: 12
We have yet to hear from the guy with 200 tanks, the one with 600 tanks or the fellow "up north" with 16,000 gallons in his custom home. All of these examples are at the owner's residence, not their place of business. These are just folks I've spoken with, and I don't know many so there are many many more avid fish keepers out there, all of these folks are ACA members, two post here a few times a year.
Why would we NOT hear from them?
Not calling these guys out, just curious why some of the biggest have remained silent...They have huge amounts of information and experience under their belts.
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Unread 02-25-2012, 8:04 AM   #93
Jack D
ACA Members
Jack D is offline
Usergroup: ACA Members
Real Name: Jack
Join Date: Jan 2012
Last Activity: 01-20-2013 7:50 AM
Posts: 1
Jack from SW Ohio
23 tanks @ the moment, mostly African cichlids w/ a couple SA's & a couple pleco species
New member
I am new to the ACA so I am still feeling my way around...
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Unread 02-27-2012, 5:48 PM   #94
New to Cichlids and Sailfin Mollies
kitty2234 is offline
Usergroup: ACA Members
Real Name: Kathleen Anthony Free
Join Date: Feb 2012
Location: Jamestown, NY
Last Activity: 01-14-2014 12:26 AM
Posts: 37
Send a message via Yahoo to kitty2234
Hi Friends,

I am very new to this site and will be joining the ACA very soon. Hello Everyone!! I have 5 yellow labs at this time and a large collection of sailfin mollies, catfish, plecos, and cory cats.

I am hoping to get more yellow labs, since I am concerned that the ones that I bought are probably closely related to each other. I still do not know which sexes that I have, yet. But, either way I will need more females.

I plan to start a multiple style business. So far, I have begun the tropical fish raising. I am working on creating my own color of Sailfin Mollies. (I still have a long ways to go). I am working on creating a black body with an orange head.

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Unread 02-28-2012, 3:39 PM   #95
ACA Members
Andy100 is offline
Usergroup: Registered Users
ACA Members
Real Name: Andrew Young
Join Date: Jun 2011
Last Activity: Yesterday 4:23 PM
Posts: 18
Cichlid friends

Andy Young
For my American pals 30 miles from London
12 tanks
into Centrals, for 30 years
Would love to see ACA style convention in the UK
and would love to attend the ACA (oneday)
paid up member

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Unread 03-01-2012, 7:13 PM   #96
ACA Members
mlancaster is offline
Usergroup: ACA Members
Real Name: Matt
Join Date: Feb 2010
Location: Morro Bay California
Last Activity: 11-08-2013 4:16 PM
Posts: 32
Hi All,

1. Matt from Morro Bay, CA

2. 4 tanks - my favorites are new world cichlids

3. ACA Member

4.A. I am a huge fan of the Buntbarsche Bulletin; therefore, I would suggest a continued focus and effort for printing high quality articles on a timely basis.

4.B. I also like the sharing fry by mail threads, weather for C.A.R.E.S. or not. Being an online club and that many cannot make it to the conventions, I believe there should be continued efforts for affordable sharing of fry amongst members through the mail.

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Unread 03-09-2012, 7:30 AM   #97
ACA Members
Jshakour's Avatar
Jshakour is offline
Usergroup: ACA Members
Real Name: James Shakour
Join Date: Nov 2011
Last Activity: 08-11-2012 10:43 PM
Posts: 18
1. James Shakour
2. 22 tanks and counting mainly Malawi's
3. ACA member
4. Just joined and I am very excited!

I am also a member of the Ohio Cichlid Association.
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Unread 03-09-2012, 10:24 AM   #98
williemcd is offline
Usergroup: Members
Real Name: bill mcdonald
Join Date: Mar 2011
Last Activity: 03-09-2012 10:40 AM
Posts: 6
Bill in Richmond, Va.
Back into the hobby now 13 months. After a 20 year hiatus.
10 Tanks, 700 gallons with about 300g more awaiting me to tap into my electrical service panel to provide for lighting/heating and filtration. Also will be running a hot/cold water source to my "man-cave" aka, garage. This bucket brigade process is driving me nuts!

Angels and Discus and German Blue Rams with compatible community fish. (3 pair of Angels that are steady breeders)
Not a member at this time and won't be until I start selling off some of the Angel fry. (1st batch was spawned Thanksgiving Day.. )
How to make ACA better? On my local fish club, less than a year old, I've begun posting articles I've developed thru my own research on the web. My latest is "Fry Foods" in which I write up the care/culture and benefits of Micro Worms. Next will be BBS, Vinegar Eels, etc.
I plan on selecting an advanced topic for my next thread.
I'd like to see the Beginners section expanded to provide a knowledge platform to address the most basic issues newbies face up to care and breeding of the various specie of fish that beginners normally start with.
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Unread 03-30-2012, 2:55 PM   #99
Dwarfophile's Avatar
Dwarfophile is offline
Usergroup: Members
ACA Members
Real Name: Donald Bridges Jr
Join Date: Feb 2012
Location: on a green hill
Last Activity: 09-18-2014 3:23 PM
Posts: 6
Don, also in Richmond area.

I've been keeping tropical fish on and off 30+ years. Mostly cichlids.

I have two setups right now. A 55g and a 29g. Both planted. Apistogramma cacatuoides "double red", Keyholes and compatible tetras/cories. Nothing really exotic.

More Buntbarsche Bulletins please (ACA member).
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Unread 04-23-2012, 4:31 AM   #100
Usergroup: Members
Real Name: jorge
Join Date: Apr 2012
Last Activity: 04-25-2012 12:04 AM
Posts: 1

theonlysonic-Moreno valley , CA
2 / variety of cichlids
not a member new to cichlids
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